1. BulletAll our domes are made using the hub and spar system and are either 3 or 4 frequency. 

  1. BulletSpars can be in coppiced ash for the smaller domes or galvanised steel which can also be powder coated. 

  1. BulletHubs come in galvanised steel, chrome plated or powder coated finishes and, new for 2011, is a skeleton hub. A much more delicate take on the standard hub which we are very excited about.

  1. BulletCovers are in welded PVC to ensure they are completely watertight and can be easily maintained.  Printing is an option too.


  1. BulletThere are small variations in the specification of each one and we are always happy to adjust the basic design to suit your application but they are based upon these four sizes.

DomeWorks makes domes in four sizes