Sleepy Dome


20ft domes are big enough for big beds with bedside tables and are still far enough away from the far side to allow room for a woodburner.  And it you go for the tall one then you can just squeeze a little platform in the roof.  You’ll need our ‘strong frame’ for that though but it does put you right up close to the stars.

Again it comes with a circular zippable door as standard and can have a couple more added at equal points around the circle. 

It can be customised with our range of whacky steel or chrome skeleton hubs connected to galvanised steel struts or hand peeled coppiced ash poles. It can also be produced with a ‘strong frame’ to support hanging beds for increased sleeping capacity.

The PVC cover is guaranteed watertight and with the addition of either of our two space age liners it makes for a fantastic year round outdoor room be it a bedroom, a yoga workshop or a stylish office.

Other sizes

Baby Dome


Garden Dome


Super Dome



Sleepy dome