Super Dome


24ft domes are big.  Not in the world class auditorium sense of the word but they are surprisingly spacious - and tall too.  Plenty of room for a living space and a sleeping space and a proper mezzanine too.  They only come in the steel strut version and if you’re hanging lots off the roof you’ll need the ‘Strong frame’ version. The 4 frequency dome is nicer to look at too as well as being stronger.

Again it comes with a circular zippable door as standard and can have a couple more added at equal points around the circle. 

It can be customised with our range of whacky steel or chrome skeleton hubs connected to galvanised steel struts but not the hand peeled coppiced ash poles.

The PVC cover is guaranteed watertight and with the addition of either of our two space age liners it makes for a fantastic year round outdoor room.

Other sizes

Baby Dome


Garden Dome


Sleepy Dome



Super dome