yurts? or domes?


Maybe you should think about an Authentic British Dome - or pod - instead.

Same round tent idea and just as portable but more versatile, more weather proof, with more space and tons more light!!  Perfect as an eco lodge, ecopod, a back garden workshop, yoga studio, you name it!

Domes are modern and, lets face it, Yurts are so - err - last century!  Well, several centuries in fact.

Don’t get us wrong, we love yurts and have been creating events with authentic Mongolian yurts from the grandaddy of yurt makers Ulaantaij for several years. 

They have set the benchmark in yurts and have inspired us to do the same with domes.

Where they make the best mongolian yurts on the planet our goal is to make the best domes on the planet - a great quality product, keenly priced, that will last for years. 

It’s a compliment to them that the best second hand yurts are also Ulaantaij yurts.  In years to come we hope people will repeat the compliment.

The best second hand dome?  A Domeworks dome. Of course.


So, you’re looking for an Authentic Mongolian Yurt??